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R.E.A.L. Skills


Resiliency Empowers All Lives® co-ed mini series! The goal of this workshop is to explain resiliency, to help youth understand factors that place them at risk, and to teach creative, practical strategies to help them prevent becoming a victim of life's adversity.



This 12 week series is designed to educate, engage, and encourage girls to transform their lives by offering a safe environment to work through underlying struggles that result in high conflict with adults and peers, engaging in risky behaviors, poor school performance, increased mental health issues, and involvement in the juvenile justice system.



High school youth embark upon a journey less discussed- teen mental health issues. Youth bravely remove their masks to talk about the common ills that plague them- anxiety, bullying, depression, & suicide to name a few. Utilizing the creative arts of photography, spoken word, drawing, and nature, youth gain practical tools they can use in their everyday lives to cope with real life.

Leadership/Character Development


Utilizing the Character Counts curriculum, this hands-on series empowers youth to learn and develop sound leadership principles such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.



Professional Development Workshops


Personal and professional growth is vital for all youth professionals. Our interactive, practical workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of your workers and organization/school.

Discussion Over Dinner


Let's face it- burn out and compassion fatigue are very real in the world of youth work. Caring for and supporting others can have a far reaching impact on you. HELP IS NOW HERE! This light hearted, uplifting series is just for YOU! Come be refreshed and renewed through good food, fellowship and encouraging discussion.

Parents Investing In Potential


This support series is the parent companion to our ALTERNATIVE 101 youth program. It is specifically designed to provide support to parents of youth in "Alternative" educational settings. Gain much needed support while navigating through community systems.


Y.A.L.E. Committee


Young Adults Leading By Example is designed to provide recent high school graduates and college students with a supportive environment where they can cultivate and nourish their entrepreuneurial spirits through access to essential trainings and mentorship. We also serve as valuable linkage to speaking engagements and other contract opportunities.


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